Emilou Ilagan is the founder of Kavod Publishing, a Christian self-publishing company with the vision of publishing God’s testimonies to the nations. She is also a direct response copywriter and creative writer for God.

It is such a blessing to contribute articles to iDisciple.org, a Christian app and guided prayers to PrayerDeck.com app, become a member of FaithWriters.com, a community for Christian. By God’s grace, she won an international writing contest as judged by Demoss.com, one of the biggest PR firm for Christian organizations in USA. Only God can do this.

In her teenage years, God has been faithful to let her serve the Girl Scouts of the Philippines movement in the Central Board, the highest policy making and governing body for three years. It was such a privilege to be of service to the org and young girls. Only by a blessing that once in her lifetime, God was kind to let her host an event for the First Lady. She was awarded as one of the GSP 75 National Young Achievers in 2015 recognizing her notable contribution in the empowerment of girls and young women nationwide.

She is grateful for the experience to serve Healing Rooms Philippines and volunteer at Elijah House Philippines, and Online Healing Rooms under International Association of Healing Rooms.

She is a writer with a heart who is passionate about God, who cares for people whose lives are “messed up,” and a prayer minister for wounded and deeply hurting people. She dreams of publishing more books that will bring transformation, healing, and wholeness to the spirit, soul, and body in order to impact lives, one person at a time.

If you want to invite her to speak at your church events, fellowships, meetings, trainings, organizational functions, and ministry outreaches, feel free to contact her.


Vision and Mission

In November 30, 2004, God gave her a vision on Jeremiah 50:2a–

“Declare it among the nations and publish it and set up a signal [to spread the news]—publish and conceal it not.”

God is calling her to Publish His Testimonies To The Nations.

She asked God in 2004 how it will come to pass since it is almost next to impossible.

God just keeps saying it will happen. She must only believe.

She has a passion to love God above all else. It is her desire to worship Him and to serve Him for the rest of her life. He is her first love. In Him, she lives and moves and have her being. She is His child, His treasured possession and His ambassador to reach souls for His kingdom.

She wants to minister to those who are sick, hurting, depressed, oppressed, hopeless and in need of Jesus Christ’s healing and saving knowledge.

She wants to counsel, pray for, minister to and spend time with people who think their lives are messed up.

How it all began

Kavod? Under this name my Christian business operates under the authority, inspiration and anointing of God, based on Biblical foundations and principles. I dream and desire to minister the Word of God through writing. I am a writer with a heart compelled to renew minds, change hearts, and transform lives, one person at a time.

I was trained for press work in high school and college, as a features editor and writer, news with drama. At the same time, I enjoyed editing, proofreading, and re-writing my schoolmates’ papers for free.

I continued writing until I became an online Freelance Christian creative writer in 2009 and in 2011 by divine appointment God sent me a top professional copywriter based in UK, Roland Millaner to train and mentor me one-on-one. I was trained using materials from American Writers and Artists, Inc., Nick Wrathall, Len Smith, Gary Scott, and Bruce Barton to become a self-publisher and copywriter. I am a member of The Freelance Movement Tribe founded by John “The Legend” Pagulayan.

I praise God for helping me to write for Him and give Him back all the glory and honor. He owns Kavod, I’m only His writer.

Next Steps…

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