For Every Christian Who Wants to Know God’s Dream For Their Life and Step Into It

But Doesn’t Know Where To Start


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to know the dream, vision, plan, purpose, and will of God in your life and step into it?

Sounds impossible, you may think?

Even Christians are at a loss on God’s vision for their lives.

We keep going on and on round in circles only to go back from where we started, poorer than before, more depressed than ever, and confused all the more.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

God’s perfect will spells supernatural peace, joy unspeakable, and unimaginable excitement to any person that is inside that center of His will.

We tried solving all our problems without God in the equation.

We kicked Him out of our homes, out of our schools, out of our nation. Then, we wonder why turmoil, chaos, and disorder are everywhere.

Can all aspects of our lives be restored into wholeness if we know God and His intended vision for our lives?

A resounding YES!

Let me ask you this.

In your own personal life, do you experience divine order, peace, joy, and abundance?

In your family life, is your relationship with your spouse and children satisfying enough or do you still encounter marital problems and children woes?

In your job, business, and employment, do you feel well-compensated and contented with what you’re making financially and relationships with your co-workers?

In your spiritual life, do you still find time to pray, read your Bible, attend church, and establish an intimate relationship with God?

If you answer NO to even just one question above, then you need to read on.

God definitely wants the best for your life. The reason why you aren’t experiencing the abundant life that Jesus Christ died to give you is that you are not completely aware of God’s vision for your life.

How To Achieve God’s Vision For Your Life

I believe God has a Vision for Your Life

If you want to discover, capture, actualize, and fulfill God’s vision and destiny for your life, I can show you how! Learn how to:

Recognize the Vision of God in Your Life

God has a huge vision for you. You may not see it yet but it’s been there since the foundations of the earth, before you were born. Many people lived, died, and made mistakes in-between without stepping into the vision and destiny of God in their lives.

Believe in God’s Vision

After capturing the vision, have faith in it and press on. Achieve your dreams which are the same dreams God has implanted deep inside of you. Never waver in faith. This is your time to believe then you can and will receive.

Apply Keys to Attain God’s Vision

Christian business men and Christian business women are at a loss without the blueprint of God for their business or career. This book not only addresses Christian business but also the personal desire to achieve dreams. Achieving goals seem like a daunting task. How much more achieving the impossible?

Achieve God’s Vision

Christian business books and Christian business guides are all over the place. What do we need now more than success tools and achievement templates? Yes, God’s intended vision for our lives.

If you are a student in high school or university or a student of the Bible, this is the book for you. You will be guided accordingly towards God’s vision for your life.

If you are a parent, grandparent, or guardian, this can help you in raising up Godly children at home, school, church or ministry. This can also cause you to examine your life towards the vision God has for you.

If you are businessman, employee, or unemployed, take advantage of the template provided for you grounded upon Biblical foundations useful for your business and individual life.

If you are confused with what to do with your life, well your agony will soon be over. You will know, believe in your heart, follow, and attain God’s dream for you.

If you need a sincere, honest, encouraging, and motivational read interspersed with inspirational Bible verses and prayer, then this is for you

Imagine living a life where you know that you know, that you know, that you are fulfilling God’s destiny for your life. Many people passed by this world without even knowing about it. Take hold of it. It’s yours. Read on.

Witness Real Results Christians Have Gained From Achieving God’s Vision

“…Working Out The Ground.”

“Emilou’s work is working out the ground, laying the foundation of calling forth the dreams, vision, and purpose of God for each and everyone. As you turn each page, you are being given the “contact lenses of the Father” to see how He sees things and how our lives fit into the general picture of His purposes and plans.”

Pastor Joseph Solangon, Canada

“…Simple and Practical Way.”

“Thank you for sharing the book Achieving God’s Vision. I like the way you presented the seemingly complex way of aligning our personal plan with God’s plan for us in a simple and practical way. I believe that God has always provided us with overflowing blessings beyond what we asked for.”

Jay Supetran, Philippines

“…The Most Inspirational Book I Have Come Across.”

“I spent the last 4 hours reading Emilou’s vision book. While I was reading it, I realized that I am missing too many things in my life. We are bombarded with plenty of information on a day to day basis and somehow we forget our spiritual side of things. The book will guide you in the right direction, give you focus and let you know what you are missing out.

I highly recommend this book. By far, the most inspirational book I have come across.”

By Mc Millaner, Kent, United Kingdom

“…Inspiration To The Younger Generation.”

“This book is an inspiration to the younger generation and a good prompt to the older folk who might still be “waiting” to do attain God’s vision for their life. The 4 keys that she specifies here are practical. She has used them herself and they have worked for her – as they have for many others.

If you have a vision that hasn’t taken off yet, or you’re thinking of one, this is a good book to help you start.”

By Dee Kyalo, Africa

“…Receive That Plan and Act On It.”

“The message of the book imparts life to the reader and gives hope that God is able to fulfill whatever He has started despite trying situations. The book teaches the reader how to overcome through receiving a vision from God and pursuing God’s plans for their life. For someone who may be confused if God plans to fulfill the vision they received in this life, the answer is YES! He does! Read the book and find out how!”

By Jaimee

“Truly Inspirational. Biblically Based Story.”

“Teaches confidence in the Most High God and his provisions for those who follow him and trust him. Also good for those with troubled relationships. I recommend reading it, especially when sick or in a hospital.”

Jiri Kurz, Las Vegas, Nevada

“…Doesn’t Talk Down To The Reader.”

“This book is written by a very committed Christian, but it doesn’t talk down to the reader. I am sure most readers will already be believers and I am confident that they will find it very helpful and reassuring.”

By L. J. Smith, United Kingdom

Imagine being guided accordingly toward God’s vision for your life.

Never again will you get confused on what to do with your life because you know God’s original plan and the destiny He has intended for your life.

You skip trial and errors in your life because you are so focused on what God wants you to do with your life.

The distractions are there and real but your heart and mind are so aligned with God’s word, will, and ways that you just keep moving forward.

In a short while, we will be adding a Tagalog version of this eBook, an audio version and other free gifts.

For now, download a free copy to get started with the new phase in your life where you are willing to submit to the purposes, plans, and vision of God for your life.

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Your sister in Christ,