How To Experience the Peace of God Starting Today

I Believe Quiet Time and Daily Devotion Should Give Peace of Mind

If you want a deeper relationship with God, then this Christian devotional is for you.

In Heaven’s Rain Devotional, you will learn to:

Be still in the presence of God during your quiet moments with Him.
Go deeper in your daily walk with God

Experience not only peace of mind but the loving presence and peace of God

Learn to meditate on Scriptures or Bible verses every single day and make applications in your life.

Learn from the stories of the Bible characters and emulate their godly qualities and decisions.

If you are a new believer in God, you can start with Christian daily devotionals like this one as you become a student of the Word of God.

If you are a veteran or long time Christian, you can feel revival and refreshment with this Christian devotional.

Devotional books like Heaven’s Rain Devotional can pacify and give you serenity in these troubling times.

Christian devotional books have the anointing to minister to the spirit, soul, and body, making people whole in all aspects of their lives.

Heaven’s Rain Devotional is one of the Christian devotionals for Kindle that can help you establish intimacy with God day by day.

The most important thing that we need right now is a deep relationship with God, our Creator. I believe this devotional book will assist you in developing this kind of relationship.

Heaven’s Rain can refresh, revitalize, and revive your soul.

God at times speaks to us through the rain. It is my desire that you experience Heaven’s Rain as you meditate on this devotional book.

eBook Testimonials

“This book is a collection of many life essential truths which Emilou gleans as her beloved Jesus converses with her as they walk side by side through the seasons of her life. Imagine, you can now read in a few hours Truths that it has taken Emilou years to gather. Some truths here will shout at you. Some will speak to you only in the future seasons of your life. And some will be the counsel you have been looking for to give to a friend today.”

“How much better to get wisdom than gold, and good judgment than silver!” (Prov. 16:16)

– Miguel Que, Leader of Freshwind Global Ministries

“Emilou Ilagan has a sincere desire to share her passion for the Lord, her thirst for a closer walk with Him and her heartfelt hope that others may enter into a loving relationship with Him also.
I met Emilou in the Philippines where she became a student at the Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries. Though she was an excellent student, many personal obstacles seemed to stand in the way of her completing a degree. Though her dreams of graduating were thwarted, she never gave up on her desire to impact others with her writing.

Emilou has overcome many obstacles on the road to becoming a writer with impact. She has never given up on her dream and I am proud of her that she is at long last achieving the goals that have prodded her on in her journey and given her the perseverance she has needed to accomplish those goals.

I am confident you will enjoy this year’s journey with Emilou. Joyful reading!”

– Dra. Marcia Ruth Anderson, Author of CareFrontation: Dare to Face the Goliath,
Care Enough to Confront and Tea Without Sugar: Chastened for a Destiny
Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, Discipleship College, Eldoret, Kenya

“Not a lot of people would actively journal and share their relationship with God with the rest of the world. Emilou has done just that through her 52 week devotional, “Heaven’s Rain.” Read this devotional prayerfully as you let the experiences of a believer reflect and shed light on your own journey as well.”

– Jaimee Ligan, Licensed Real Estate Broker

“It was indeed refreshing to read the latest book of Emilou. Her personal experiences as shared in this book resonate with what most of us feel. The reflections she has imparted and what God has revealed through her life will help others who find themselves in the same situations not only to cope but to feel the loving kindness of the Lord. From life cycle events to personal reflections, the variety of topics covered by the book shows her deep understanding of the Word and God’s will for her life.

This book is a good devotional guide which may be added to our current array of reading materials. We can use it at the start of the week to prime our mood or at the end of the week to recharge us after five days of work. As Emilou has suggested, it is good if the reader can consider taking notes on personal reflections and write them in a journal to document our own life journeys.”

– Jay P. Supetran, PlaNet Finance, Program Manager
Republic of the Union of Myanmar

“This book was an easy read – very practical – but it has nuggets of wisdom that a young believer in Christ can easily grasp.

The topics are integral for a young believer into which they can dig deeply. This devotional opens the door to a deeper knowledge of God the Father, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit.

The topics are a good reminder for long time believers who are trapped in the busyness of ministry but have neglected the simplicity of just spending time with God, soaking in His presence and just loving Him.
I do hope this book will reach those who are seriously seeking God.”

– Ma. Rosario Artadi, Licensed Teacher

“Heaven’s Rain devotional book is a daily source of supernatural refreshment from heaven! Going through each of the pages felt like sitting at Jesus’ feet beside a river that cleanses and refreshes a struggling spirit. Emilou’s engaging way of writing ushers the reader to dig deep into God’s word and stirs up a compelling desire to yearn for more of God.

The book reflects the author’s endearing personal encounter and intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ. Not only does she selflessly share from her own rich experience in walking with God, she also interestingly spans from the Old to the New Testament to paint a clear portrait of God’s amazing plan for mankind. This book is indeed a powerful tool for any searching soul longing to bask in the refreshing presence and love of God!”

– Leanne Castaneda, Training Consultant

“The book: Heaven’s Rain Devotional leads us to experience soaking in the presence of God. As Emilou Ilagan shares her daily walk with God in every season of her life she encourages and explains clearly to everyone who will use this book how to develop a loving and intimate relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ. I am recommending this book to all persons who need hope in seemingly hopeless situations with problems that are beyond them. May God use those situations for their good.”

– Dr. Cleofe C. Palac, RGC. CCOP Counseling Psychologist