Prophetic Word for Emilou by Jules Ostan 2.11.16

Lord, thank you for Emilou. Lord, thank you that she is a woman of breakthrough. Thank you, O God, for the fighting spirit. She is not a woman who is giving up easily. But there’s a strong perseverance that would come, Lord and the perseverance doesn’t come from anything. But perseverance through experience, O God, testing all throughout her life.

I thank you, Father because this woman knows how to trust in You in the most difficult situations. Lord, thank you for the hardships you have given to her.

Thank you for the word:

“Rejoice whenever you face trials of many kinds because the testing of your faith will produce perseverance and perseverance will finish its course so that you will become more mature.”

God, I thank you Father because right now Emilou will have the spirit of perseverance and the new maturity. But I thank you, Father that you have shown the way. Thank you, Lord if she thinks like all the doors are closed. Thank you, Lord open her spiritual eyes in the name of Jesus, Lord she will be able to see all those doors are now open in the name of Jesus. There is no struggle concerning this area but there is a strong spirit in the presence of the Lord in her life.

Thank you, because more than the physical, more than the material, more than the opportunity. The very thing that Emilou is praying for is your presence, O God. This woman is a carrier of your presence in the name of Jesus. I believe that she will thrive more in the name of Jesus not only in her gifting but truly this year is a greater intimacy with you, Lord. This woman hears You.

There’s a greater intimacy this year but all the more you will bring in clarity to a lot of directions. But I believe, O God she is a woman of favor. That whatever she’s asking of you, O God you will be the one to give it to her anyway in the name of Jesus. Lord thank you that she will be able to get even if she doesn’t deserve.

Thank you, God that you are removing any insults, negative words and curses that were spoken against her. In the name of Jesus, they will fall to the ground. Thank you, God that you are renewing the heart and the mind of Emilou. Lord, I thank you that she will not just believe in the lies and the deceptions of the enemy.

Thank you that you are building this woman up as a daughter of God and that her identity is based on you alone, Lord nothing to compare, no one to compare, nothing to prove. That she is really a woman of God, a woman who worships you, a woman who walks on the water in the name of Jesus. Even in the midst of the storm, she will be able to stand strong. Those storms will just be passing through. The waves are coming but she will ride on the waves.

Thank you Father, that you are with Emilou. I can sense you have a major decision. But God is giving me impression to just step out. Just walk in it. It’s not a matter of calculating or if you have enough resources or are you capable of it. It’s out of obedience towards the love of God. You will be able to say, “Here I am Lord, send me”. I believe there is a new assignment. New assignment for Emilou.

This woman all throughout the years is like a rubber band, you have been stretched to the left or to the right. You have been maximized to your fullest potential. I believe God has given you this calling not only to touch people in your sphere of influence, but I believe communities after communities. I believe God has called you to travel all the more to different places and nations. I believe you’re gonna go for every nation, tribe or tongue. I believe you’re gonna move powerfully.

There is a strong, I could sense you have a gift of healing, Emilou. It’s very strong. (Emilou: yes I’m a prayer minister but so much attacks) I believe that’s the lies of the enemy. God is not putting those lies and deception, Ultimately it’s going to be a strong gift. Can you open your hand?

Lord, I thank you for the anointing of this woman, you are not just birthing a healing ministry but you are birthing a miraculous ministry, something impossible in the lives of so many people. You will just speak and command and it shall happen. I believe these hands will be handling a lot of impossible cases but as they run through to you, you will just see, oh that is very impossible but in the eyes of God, the expertise of the Lord is those with impossible situations. That is your anointing, you will move in the signs and the wonders and the miracles.

But I believe there is a greater promotion that will soon be coming. I believe that even your life is totally dedicated to the Lord. I believe you will turn. What are the callings being given to you by God? Those people with stubborn hearts that have a hard time believing God but because they have seen in these hands a very strong influential stubborn people who will turn around into becoming sons and daughters of God that the Lord will use you to usher them in to the way, to the truth and to the life towards Jesus Christ.

And I believe that even this is coupled not only in terms of healing, not only in terms of the miraculous but the power of evangelism will rise up upon you, you are gonna preach the gospel effectively. Even your life is the fulfillment of the gospel that will come on you and it’s just a natural, you will have that ability even to connect to strangers to people whom you don’t know. You have the ability to build strong relationships even build families after families. Even right now, the Lord will start to vindicate you, because it’s not by your own results. It’s the result of the power of God. That will just flow in and through you.

Because the next season will come. My daughter you have a lot of invitations, I have seen doors, Emilou can you come? At their desperate moment they will look to you and they will run after you. And they will say, can you come, can you lay, can you speak, because the presence of the Lord will just flow from your head down to your feet and just overflow because you are not only a prayerful woman but a worshipper of the Lord Jesus Christ. You’re gonna worship the Father in spirit and truth.

I believe God is clothing you with the sense of humility. But those who humble themselves will be exalted. And from this day on you will be promoted. From this day on, open, you will be a woman of vision. I have seen a lot of visions coming upon you, it’s gonna be a sharp vision. You will see specific places, you will speak to specific assignments. You will not just come because you are entitled to and you are called to do it. You will come because it’s the Lord’s invitations.

And don’t believe even people mock you and say things like this and that on you. You will just believe that He is your Father and your Father is calling you to go to the next level to step out in faith and believe for something impossible because God will send you where the Gospel is not yet preached. God is sending you to the people even if you think like the darkest parts of the society. You’re gonna be the salt and the light there.

I believe so, whatever you have lost, you have lost so much. This year is the year of jubilee upon you. It will return it back naturally, you will just command each one of them and a thousand-fold in return in terms of your health, in terms of your prosperity, in terms of your family relationships. There’s a restoration upon you because the Lord is so faithful in and through your life, just go on, preach, extend and go for the calling and the purpose of God that’s been given to you. Do not believe in the lies. I pray for cancellation right now. I thank you for Emilou. We give you all the praise and honor in Jesus’ name. Amen